How to create a team, buy everyones ticket then invite team mates to complete their registration

This is for team captains that want to buy multiple or all team places in one go. If you just want to pay for yourself then invite others to join your team and pay individually, click here.

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If you want to buy and secure entries for the whole team but don't want to enter everyones personal details use Speedy Checkout, Select Create a Team, follow prompts and COMPLETE PAYMENT (If you want to fully register everyones information select Register Info Now and skip the rest of these instructions).


If you are the Team Captain and participating hit the big red button and register your details


On the Purchase Entry tab, click Send to Friend to start inviting team mates to complete their registration.


Enter name and email address and send an invitation email to your team mates, they will then be able to join the team directly and register there details.

Note: Don't worry if you don't know all team members yet, you can assign more team places later


At anytime you can log back into your RaceSpace account, click your profile name, select MY TEAMS and MANAGE TEAM To access all team tools!


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