Banchory Beast Race

21st September 2024

Routes & Obstacles

OBstacle list

1. Bale Out

Rows of chest hight bales straight out of the start grid

2. Beast Wash

Battle through a corridor whilst getting jet blasted with ice cold loch water

3. Hurdle Gurdle

Rows of chunky wooden hurdles. Starts easy, ends hard

4. Beast Trap

Escape the nets pinning you face down as you ascent one of the steepest sections on the course

5. Stags Leap

Big A-frame wall on entering the dense forest section

6. Stags Leap 2

Yep, another big wooden wall after a massive hill climb!

7. Sandbagged

After a massive hill climb carry a 20kg sandbag round a short but steep course

8. Beast Bog

Hold onto the rope and plough your way through the thickest and deepest swamp ever

4. Ankle Biter

Get those knees up and over endless lines of neon elastic rope

10. Letter Box

Post yourself through human sized letter boxes

11. Black Hole

Squirm your way through long thin black canvas tubes in complete darkness

12. Leg Screamer

Relentless ascents and decent on steep sand and gravel slopes - Your legs will burn!

13. Stags Leap 3

Escape the Leg Burner over a 2m A-frame wall

14. Beast Dip

Slide through huge black tubes into dark swamp matter

15. Log Drag

Drag a huge log up and down a steep hill using a rope handle and feel the thigh burn!

16. Launch Pad

Get launched horizontally off our big new water slide

17. Slippery Slope

Grab a rope and get out of the Loch up an impossibly slippery slope

18. Three little pigs

Three rows of overhanging walls that are a real pig to get over

19. Squirrel Scramble

Scramble over giant cargo nets slung high up amongst the trees

20. Harsh Marsh

Knee deep marsh that will drain your legs of energy and have your lungs screaming for air

21. Haul Arse

Lean back on the rope and haul yourself up this super steep and slippery clay slope

22. Clay Clag Climb

Crawel through the thickest orange clay mud trenches and ascend the greasy slope above

23. Barby

Keep you head and arse down under neath rows of razor sharp barbed wire

24. Hit The Wall

A massive vertical wooden wall - Can you do it yourself or will you need a leg up?

22. The Tower

A pyramid of giant rectangle bales

26. Monkey Magic

Swing rung to rung until you reach the bell at the end on the brand new monkey bar obstacle

27. Dash Or Splash

Dash across wobbly floating islands to get to the other side

28. Pontoon Party

Seal launch yourself over rows of inflatable tubes

14. Ropey Mc RopeFace

Scale a 2.5m high roped A-frame wall sticking out the water

1. Awesome location

Big hill climbs, thick clay mud, deep bogs and repeated dunkings in the icy Knochburn Loch

2. Brand New Obstacles

Expect bigger structures, faster slides and unique challenges!

3. Reimagined Classics

We are upgrading the obstacles you love the most

4. Bonus Features

Expect the unexpected, new challenges around the event base to keep you on your toes!

5. Big Entertainment

Our legendary beast warm up is going up a notch and there will be great music and awesome street food all day

What You Get

25 Epic Obstacles

30 Epic Obstacles

Race Timing

Race Timing





Post Event Refreshment

Post Event Refreshment

Free Spectating

Free Spectating

Dance Warm Up

Dance Warm up

Street Food Available

Street Food Available

T-SHIRTS: You are now able to opt in and purchase a Beast Race Finishers t-shirt as an 'Add-on' when you buy your ticket. This is a change from previous years and is our effort to reduce plastic waste/fast fashion, provide a higher quality garment and to keep the average ticket cost as low as possible. These performance sports tees are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and do not have any sponsors logos on.



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Early 2024 - Ends 11 Feb @ midnight


Summer 2024 - Ends 28 April @ midnight


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Knockburn Loch, Strachan, Aberdeenshire, AB31 6LL

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