Event Dates

Loch Ness Beast

 1 September 2017

Banchory Beast

23 September 2017


  • Where is the Banchory Beast Race?

    Knockburn Sports Loch, Strachan, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB31 6LL

    See location on Google Map

  • Where is the Loch Ness Beast Race?

    Aldourie Castle, Loch Ness, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland

    IV2 6EL

    See location on Google Map


    USING A SATNAV? When driving please follow signs to the Beast Race event base and car park in the field. Do not enter the Aldourie Castle grounds as directed by your Satnav.

Event Times

  • Start times - Loch Ness Event

    NOTE: You can select a 'preferred' wave time when you enter; however, this is just an indicator and may not be the wave you are given. Your wave time will be emailed to you a week before the event and is not changeable. If you have joined a team you will be put in the same wave as your team mates.


    We highly recommend you arrive at least 45 minutes before your wave start time.


    08:45 car park opens

    09:15 registration opens - for first wave only!

    (each subsequent wave will register 45 minutes before their wave starts)


    10:00 - 1st Wave

    10:30 - 2nd Wave

    11:00 - 3rd Wave

    11:30 - 4th Wave

    12:00 - 5th Wave

    12:30 - 6th Wave

    13:00 - 7th Wave


  • Start times - Banchory Event

    NOTE: You can select a 'preferred' wave time when you enter; however, this is just an indicator and may not be the wave you are given. Your wave time will be emailed to you a week before the event and is not changeable. If you have joined a team you will be put in the same wave as your team mates.


    We highly recommend you arrive at least 45 minutes before your wave start time.


    08:45 car park opens

    09:00 registration opens - for First Wave only!

    10:00 - 1st Wave

    10:30 - 2nd Wave

    11:00 - 3rd Wave

    11:30 - 4th Wave

    12:00 - 5th Wave

    12:30 - 6th Wave

    13:00 - 7th Wave

    13:30 - 8th Wave

    14:00 - 9th Wave


  • Your wave (start) time

    You can select a 'preferred' wave time when you enter; however, this is just an indicator and may not be the wave you are given. Your wave time will be emailed to you a week before the event and is not changeable. If you have joined a team you will be put in the same wave as your team mates.

Online Registration

  • Introduction (please read)

    Registration (entry) and payment is online via Eventbrite only. No new registrations on event day.  On event day you must go to registration with your printed PDF ticket and you must show official photo ID (passport or driving licence).
  • Age rules

    The minimum age is 16 (on the day of the event). If you are 16 or 17 (on the day of the event) your parents or legal guardian will agree and accept all the event terms and conditions and consent to your participation in the Prime Four Beast Race event by signing your ticket.  You, the participant, MUST bring this signed ticket to event registration along with photo ID.
  • Refunds

    We don't issue refunds, but if you contact us we can arrange to swap your place if you have a replacement runner. We do not accept swaps or replacements in the last two weeks before the event.
  • Creating a team

    You can create a team when you first register through Eventbrite. Alternatively you can log back into your Eventbrite account later and create a team then. Once you have created a team you can invite others to join. NOTE: If you create a team, remember to join that team yourself! There is no limit to the size of your team. The race results will include your team name and you will be able to see your individual as well as your combined team time.
  • Swapping your place

    Please contact us if you want to arrange to swap your place if you have a replacement runner. We do not accept swaps or replacements in the last two weeks before the event.
  • Deferring your registration

    Unfortunately we cannot accept deferrals to next year’s events.
  • Registration cut-off dates

    You must be registered and have made all team changes 5 days before each event.
  • Confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite confirming your registration. You MUST print and sign the attached PDF ticket and bring it to registration at the event along with your photo ID.
  • Changing your details after registration

    Log into your Eventbrite account and edit your details whenever you like up to 14 days before the event.The only detail you cannot change is the name of the participant. If you would like to arrange a swap or replacement runner please contact us. 
  • Not receiving emails?

    Please check your spam or junk folders or double check what email address you used to buy your ticket! If it's still not there we’re sorry you aren’t receiving our emails. Contact us and we’ll resend any information you may have missed. 

Registration at Event

  • Documents you must bring (please read)

    1. PDF ticket – sent in your confirmation email

    2. Photo ID – we will accept your passport or your driving licence

  • How to register at the event

    1. Arrive at registration at the time emailed to you shortly before the event

    2. Hand over your printed PDF ticket and show photo ID to registration staff

    3. Receive your timing chip

    4. Go to the start line at time given

  • When to go to the registration area

    There are different registration times for the different waves. We will let you know which wave you're in with a 'Final Information' email shortly before the event.

Cost & Fundraising

  • Cost

    Loch Ness Beast Registration Fees (plus Eventbrite bookings fees)

    Opening Offer - Ends 8 Jan = £45

    New Year Offer - Ends 29 Jan = £48

    Early Beast - Ends 26 Mar = £51

    Spring Beast - Ends 28 May = £55

    Summer offer - Ends 2 July = £58

    Standard Entry - Ends 13 Aug = £62

    Late Entry - Entries close 27 Aug = £65

    Banchory Beast Registration Fees  (plus Eventbrite bookings fees)

    Opening offer - Ends 8 Jan = £45

    New Year offer - Ends 29 Jan = £48

    Early Beast  - Ends 26 Mar = £51

    Spring Beast - Ends 28 May = £55

    Summer offer  - Ends 2 July = £58

    Standard Entry  - Ends 10 Sept = £62

    Late Entry - Entries close 17 Sept = £65

  • What the cost includes

    - Beast Race branded technical running t-shirt

    - Snack at the end (further great food can be purchased)

    - Free professional photographs (available on Facebook after event)

    - Free parking close to event base

    - Free key/documents drop

    - Electronic timing

    - Medical support and professional first aid

    - Professional water-safety marshals

    - Water stations along the route and at finish

    - VAT

  • What the fee is spent on

    Our aim is to provide you with only the best services, safety cover and event experience. We very much hope you find it good value and that you will want to come back every year! We always welcome your feedback on this.


    Here are some of the things the fee covers:

    Obstacle construction and materials, diggers, lorry transport, insurance, first-aid and paramedic cover, water stations, licensing and stakeholder liaison, route marking and signage, professional event staff, venue hire,  top quality T-shirts, marquee hire, vehicle hire, car parking field hire, sound system hire, timing system, toilet hire, administration, event photography, post-event clean-up.

  • Refunds

    We don't issue refunds, but if you contact us we can arrange to swap your place if you have a replacement runner.We do not accept swaps or replacements in the last 5 days before the event.
  • Get an invoice

    For workplace teams only - please click here.
  • Raise money for CHSS

    Find out easy ways to raise money for Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland.

Race Timing

  • Race results

    Race results are posted onto our Facebook and Twitter page on the evening of the event.
  • How is the race timed?

    The event is timed with electronic timing chips. A small chip given to you during registration at the event should be attached to your shoe. Your start and finish time is recorded and your overall time is then calculated. Results will be posted on our website and social media shortly after the event.


  • Prize categories

    1st Male Beast

    2nd Male Beast

    3rd Male Beast

    1st Female Beast

    2nd Female Beast

    3rd Female Beast


    NOTE: You can be in a team and still win the fastest individual prize!

  • Prizes

    Prizes will be some include some awesome wooden Beast Race shields and some great outdoor gear. Prizes will be announced soon!
  • Prize giving

    There will be a virtual prize giving on our Facebook and Twitter pages after the event. Prizes will be posted directly out to winners. 

Photographs & Media

  • Event photographs

    Professional photographers will be snapping away all day; pictures will be available online after the event on our Facebook page – they are free to download. We can’t guarantee to get a shot of everyone but we’ll do our best!
  • Taking your own photos

    You are very welcome to take images of the event, but to protect the interest and viability of the professional photography team please do not offer to sell them online or through any other means.
  • Press & media

    We welcome all media coverage. Please contact us for more information.


  • Is the race safe?

    Due to the nature of the event, the route and obstacles all carry inherent risks to your wellbeing. Whilst it is impossible to guarantee your safety, we do consider it paramount. Detailed arrangements will be in place to ensure everyone enjoys an adventurous and challenging ‘beastly experience’. Professional event staff and first-aid providers will be located at intervals around the course (please read our Terms and Conditions and Medical Disclaimer downloads - see bottom of page).
  • Swimming requirement

    If you want to participate in the water obstacles you will need to be able to swim and keep yourself safe in water. There are some water obstacles that involve wading up to neck depth and involve dunking your head under water. Water obstacles involve jumping or sliding into deep water and swimming for approximately 10 meters at a time (there will be professional water safety staff very close by to help if required).

    See also section below 'Avoiding Obstacles'.

  • Avoiding obstacles

    If you think an obstacle is too challenging physically or mentally there is always an option to go around and continue with the race. However, if you’re ‘in it to win it’ and would like to make it onto the podium, you have to tackle all the obstacles (please let us know of any medical issues in this context).
  • Medication

    If you need to leave medication close to the finish line please see a member of the registration staff to organise this. Please read in full our medical disclaimer during online registration or at the bottom of this page. If you have further questions regarding the event please contact us.

Training & Preparation

  • Training for the Beast

    The race requires sufficient aerobic endurance to complete a 10km run on rough terrain, including  ascent and descent. In addition you need the physical strength and agility to climb, crawl, drag and wade/swim as required by the obstacles.

    Many previous Beast Racers have benefited from going to outdoor boot-camp training or circuit training with a focus on whole body strength and fitness. We also recommend regular 10km running training.

    We strongly recommend you consult your doctor before committing to any training programmes or the event.

  • What to bring


    1. Official photo ID

    2. Printed and signed PDF ticket from your entry confirmation email

    3. Any required medication


    Race equipment and clothing:

    - Trail running shoes with good grip

    - Synthetic sports clothing that sheds water quickly and keeps you warm when wet (Lycra, - -powerstretch etc.); gloves/hat (optional)


    Post-race equipment:

    - Towel/s

    - Full change of clothes and footwear

    - Additional warm clothes (fleece, warm jackets etc.) - you will be cold and wet!

    - Warm hat and gloves

    - Umbrella

    - Plastic bags/trug/plastic box to put all your wet equipment into

    - Cash (if you want to purchase food and drink at the event)

  • How difficult is it?

    This depends on how fit you are and how hard you push yourself! The route is 10km long and includes ascent and descent, very rough terrain underfoot, dense forest and vegetation, thick mud, deep cold water and 20+ man-made obstacles that require strength, power, agility, aerobic fitness and lots of mental determination.

Parking & Facilities

  • Free parking

    Parking is completely free. Please note that it  is on grass and may be wet and slippery!

    Parking is limited!

    Please help us reduce traffic and carbon emissions by car sharing.

  • Where to leave valuables

    There is a secure key & ID document drop at registration, which is very close to the car park, so you can leave all your other items in the car.
  • Water stations

    Drinking water is available approximately halfway around the course and at the finish.
  • Showers

    There are showers at the Banchory Beast Race, and they are free! There are many more people than showers, so you may have to wait. Unfortunately we do not have showers at the Loch Ness site.
  • Toilets

    There will be plenty of toilets close to the start line including disabled access toilets.
  • Disabled access

    Loch Ness location: The event base area is on flat cut grass that may be soft depending on previous weather. Disabled parking is on grass close to the event base. Banchory location: The event base is on hardstanding ground; if you wish to park on hardstanding rather than grass please inform the parking stewards on entry. Some obstacles will be accessible for viewing if you have limited mobility. Disabled toilets are provided at both locations. Please contact us if you have specific questions.
  • Food & drink

    There’s a feast after the Beast! Available to purchase is a fine selection of baking and real coffee, as well as venison from the surrounding hills, hog roasts and bacon rolls for the carnivores. Veggie beasts will have excellent catering too. Be assured of a superb selection of good eating and drinking provided by local companies with a passion (and reputation) for great food and drink.Due to local planning laws there are no alcoholic drinks for sale at the event.If you run a high-quality local catering/produce company and are keen to provide your service and/or promote your products at Beast Race events please contact us.

Spectators, Children & Dogs

  • Spectators

    We welcome your supporters and spectating is free! Spectators will have excellent viewing access to some major obstacles within a short walk of the event centre. There are several great vantage points from which friends and family can watch and photograph your achievement. They can also enjoy the excellent food, drink and atmosphere.
  • Dogs

    Sorry, please leave the mutts at home. The Prime Four Beast Race locations are situated on farm land and sporting/event facilities, and the event base will be a very busy area.
  • Children

    Feel free to bring your family, there is some great spectating to be had! However, for their own safety you must not allow children access onto the course or obstacles at anytime before, during or after the race.

Terms, Conditions & Policy

  • Event Terms and Conditions

    By ticking the box below (I agree to the above waiver) you agree and consent to the following event terms and conditions:


    Your entry to and participation of your selected event (“the Event”, “The Beast Race”) is provided to you by Firetrail Events Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Acts (Registered No. SC423552) and having its Registered Office at 28 Balnagowan Wynd, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB34 5GY (“us”, “our” or “we”), subject to these terms and conditions. References to the Event include all aspects of the Event organised by us including access, parking, the venue and the activity. By entering and participating in the Event you understand and accept the following terms and conditions:


    Nature of the Event, Risks and Your Responsibilities


    • You knowingly and freely assume and accept all such risks, both known and unknown, and take full responsibility for your participation in all elements of the Event. You have familiarized yourself with the elements of the Event shown on our website and in the description below:


    The Beast Race is designed to be an extremely challenging event where participants’ resilience, fitness and mental toughness will be tested. You can race against other participants as a solo racer, compete as part of a team, or see the event as a challenge between yourself and the course. The object is to complete the course.


    The Beast Race will typically be held in challenging outdoor and/or wilderness environments that might include: mud, deep water, extreme heat or cold, adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice, fog, humidity and rain; involve extreme changes in elevation; and involve an inherent risk of contact with hazardous flora and fauna. Some of the hazardous activities within the Event include: running across undulating, rough and difficult terrain; tackling obstacles such as barbed wire, bales, hurdles, pipes, traversing under and over cargo nets, climbing over walls, climbing up/over/and through rope, cord and bungee obstacles, swimming and wading in cold water, and traversing muddy, marshy and boggy areas. In summation, the Beast Race is a hazardous activity that presents a significant physical and mental challenge to all participants.


    We will use reasonable care and skill to provide an Event that is fit and suitable for Beast Race participants bearing in mind the paragraph above. Note that it is not possible to remove all elements of risk without compromising the unique challenging nature of the event.


    • You acknowledge, accept and understand that the terrain and obstacles involved in the Event are physically and mentally challenging and hazardous and due to the nature of the Event, there is an inherent risk of acute illness, injury or even death.

    • You understand that hazards within the Event may be magnified due to the fact that the Beast Race is often conducted under what may be extreme conditions and circumstances.

    • You recognise the inherent risks associated with the Event and consider yourself physically and mentally able to take part in the Event.

    • You are responsible for your own safety throughout the entire Event and you are taking part in the Event entirely at your own risk.

    • You will adhere to any instructions given to you by the organisers, officials and marshals before, during and after the event, and we may stop you from taking part in the Event at any time.

    • You agree to (i) behave appropriately at all times; (ii) act respectfully towards all people, equipment, property and facilities; and (iii) participate in the Event with a cooperative and positive attitude.

    • You will notify the organisers, officials and marshals as soon as possible if you believe or become aware that any aspects of the Event course, facilities or equipment are unsafe or pose unreasonable risks to yourself or others.

    • You accept full and sole responsibility for the condition and adequacy of all personal equipment that you bring to or use at the Event.


    Payment, Entry Pre-Conditions and Liabilities


    • For safety reasons all participants MUST bring official photo ID to event registration. Acceptable forms of ID include passport, driving licence, firearms licence or other forms of national photo ID. Failure to show official photo ID will mean you cannot participate in the event.

    • You will be at least 18 years of age on the date of the Event.

    • If you are 16 or 17 years of age (on the day of the event) you AND your parent or legal guardian have to agree to and accept all the event terms and conditions and consent to your participation in the Prime Four Beast Race by signing the PDF ticket emailed to you. You, the participant, MUST bring this signed form to event registration along with your photo ID.

    • Your entry fee paid to Firetrail Events is non-refundable.

    • Your entry is not secured until the Event entry fee is received by us.

    • We are not responsible for loss of or damage to property or for any additional costs you may incur in connection with the Event.

    • You will pay us and any persons or organisations acting on our behalf for any damages, loss or costs caused by any of your negligent or destructive behaviour during the event.

    • We reserve the right to cancel or close down the event if we consider there is an unacceptable risk to the event participants, our staff or the general public. In this highly unlikely happening (e.g. extreme weather) we will do our utmost to reorganise the Event for another date but cannot guarantee a replacement and we will not be able to refund the entry fee or any other costs associated with the Event.

    • We recommend getting event cancellation insurance.


    Rules of the Race


    • You will not give your race entry to anyone else, pretend to be anyone else or swap any participant identification methods during the Event.

    • You will be given an Event identifier at registration, which must be displayed for identification at all times.

    • You will be running and negotiating obstacles with many other people and will show due consideration to their safety and enjoyment along with your own.

    • If you see anyone who requires additional help or medical assistance you will help to the best of your ability and report the situation to an Event marshal as soon as possible.

    • You understand that whilst each obstacle has been built to high standards and designed to minimise danger, risk still remains.

    • You must consider other road users and observe the Highway Code if crossing any roads.

    • You must not deviate from the official route, which will be marked.

    • You must follow the basic signposted instruction of each obstacle.

    • If you retire from the race at any point you will inform the nearest marshal or staff member as soon as possible and follow their directions as to the safest return route to the start/finish area where you must inform race HQ of your retirement and return your electronic timing fob.

  • Medical Disclaimer

    By ticking the box (I agree to the above waiver) during registration you agree and consent to the following event terms and conditions:


    - You understand and acknowledge that participation in the Event may cause injury or injuries that may be categorised as minor, serious or catastrophic (see below).

    -  injuries are common and may include but are not limited to: scrapes, bruises, sprains, nausea and cuts.

    - Serious injuries are less common but do sometimes occur. They include but are not limited to: property loss or damage, broken bones, torn ligaments, concussion, exposure, heat-related illness, mental stress or exhaustion and infection.

    - Catastrophic injuries are rare; however, we feel that our participants should be aware of the possibility. These injuries can include permanent disabilities, spinal injuries and paralysis, stroke, heart attack and even death.

    - In the event of an accident or illness whilst taking part in this event, you hereby give permission to our staff and contracted first aiders to initiate first-aid treatment, any necessary medical transportation and to inform your next of kin.

    - You understand that you are taking part in the Event in a remote and rural location where there may be a longer medical response time in the event of emergency.

    - You agree to take part in this Event at your own risk and you will not hold us or our contractors responsible in the event of acute illness, injury or death.

    - You have submitted true and accurate information of your medical history and present condition that may affect your participation or medical treatment in any part of the Event.

    - You will inform us and associated first aid contractors if any medical conditions have changed between submitting this information and the Event happening.

    - We strongly recommend that you get personal health insurance for the Event.

    - We will hire well-established professional contractors to provide first-aid assistance who will have their own insurance. We take no responsibility for the actions of contracted services involved in the Event.

    - We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before undertaking any strenuous exercise, training programme or participating in the Event.

    - Throughout the Event, you acknowledge and accept that you may be checked for suitability to continue on grounds of capability based on your state of health. If any of the marshals and medical staff believe that your safety is compromised by continuing the race, they reserve the right to ask you to stop. If you continue in the Event you will no longer be officially participating in the Event and we take no further responsibility for your participation.


  • Your Personal Data

    By ticking the box  (I agree to the above waiver) during registration you agree and consent to the following event terms and conditions:


    - You may request access to, change or delete personal data held by us at any time.

    - We may occasionally email you information regarding future events. You may opt out of this at any time.

    - You give permission to use personal data provided by you (including medical information) and collected by us through entry and participation at our events. This will be used for administration, research and publicity of our events only. You also consent to your personal information being provided to third-party providers who perform services on our behalf such as first-aid providers, marshals and safety staff. The information provided to these companies will be only such information which is strictly required for performing their service. In particular, you specifically acknowledge the necessity for us to provide those engaged in providing first aid and marshalling services with the medical information that you provide us, in order to ensure your welfare during the Event.

    - We may use your name (and that of organisations you represent), voice, written text, photographs or film taken during the event you are competing in for the publicity of our events (e.g. online, print or broadcast media).

    - You give us permission to share your personal data with Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS). This will be used for administration, research and publicity of CHSS only. This information may include your name (and that of organisations you represent), voice, written text, photographs or film taken during the event you are competing in for publicity purposes (e.g. online, print or broadcast media).

    - The phone numbers of your next of kin and medical information will not be used or shared with any third party, except with medical services during the event you are taking part in.

  • General privacy, copyright & cookies

    The following privacy, copyright and cookie statements only apply to the Prime Four Beast Race web site:


    - The Prime Four Beast Race website is provided for use only by an end user.

    - Firetrail Events Ltd. disclaims damages of any kind, compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties implied or otherwise relating to use of this site.

    - Unless otherwise stated, all rights, including copyright, in the content, text and graphics of these Prime Four Beast Race web pages are owned and controlled for these purposes by Firetrail Events Ltd. You are not permitted to copy, broadcast, download, store, transmit, show or play in public, adapt or change in any way the content of these web pages for any other purpose whatsoever, in any medium, without the prior written permission of Firetrail Events Ltd.

    - In accessing the Prime Four Beast Race web pages, you agree that you may only download the content for your own individual and non-commercial use.

    - You should be aware when moving to any other site of how that site deals with your information – do this by checking their privacy statements.

    - The Prime Four Beast Race cannot be held responsible for the content or policy of any external website to which it links.

    - Any privacy statement may not be applicable in all countries, as security policies may vary according to the individual Internet laws in each host country.

    - If we decide to change any privacy and cookie statements, we’ll post the changes on this page so that you’re always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it.

    - We put a lot of time and effort into describing, mapping and photographing the services and products we sell via this website. Although we aim that every picture, diagram and description is 100% accurate, mistakes do occur so please let us know if you see or read something that isn’t correct.


    Privacy Policy

    Firetrail Events Ltd is a Scottish-based events company.

    We are committed to protecting your privacy. To this end we will NEVER supply the personal details of any user to any third party unless a) you give us your explicit permission to do so, or b) we are obliged to do so by relevant authorities such as the police or other emergency services. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). We collect information about you for two reasons: firstly to process your order and secondly to provide you with the best service possible.


    Contact information

    Firetrail Events Ltd.

    28 Balnagowan Wynd


    AB34 5GY

    Email: contact us

    Directors: Richard Lawes and Jonathan Buckland


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  • Environmental impact

    We take the view that everything we do has an impact on the environment. Our aim is to reduce any negative impact of this event as much as possible whilst promoting responsible use of the natural environment. - We supply recycling and general refuse bins at the event base and at all water stations on route.- Please help us by depositing your rubbish in the bins provided.- We action a thorough post-event route litter check to ensure any litter on route and at the event base is removed.- We operate a very strict leave-no-trace policy.- We reduce the carbon footprint of our company by cycling where possible, using tele and web conferencing, limiting our use of print media, and by ensuring we buy re-usable event materials whenever possible.- You can help us by car sharing or cycling to the event.

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