Top tips for buying Beast-worthy gear!


When it comes to shoes for Beast terrain, the more aggressive the better.  Shoes such as the Inov8 Mudclaw have deep lugs that are ideal for chewing up dirt. They also drain very quickly, which is great considering how often they will be submerged. Spoiler alert -  try to avoid Goretex shoes as the water will slosh around and drain far slower. Most trail shoes will give a massive advantage over road shoes, and you don’t have to sacrifice cushioning either.


We swear by twin layer shorts. Limits chafing and also unwanted debris after crawling through mud.  The Ronhill twin short is ideal as it will give you a next-to-skin fit but also dry quickly. Comfortable and practical.


You will get repeatedly drenched so its crucial to get a quick-drying tee.  Next-to-skin fit helps to cut down on chafing when wet. Try to strike a balance between a top-of-the range tee and something that you aren’t afraid to get a ‘little’ dirty.  You will get rewarded with a very nice free Ron Hill Beast Tee at the end of the event to change into!


If the weather is horrendous or you think you will be going at a slower pace  (often the case when running with a large team) you might want to consider a snug full-length base layer or compression top. They also help protect forearms from the usual scuffles and prevent chafing when you get wet and muddy.


Many choose to wear running tights to stay warmer if the weather is beastly, and they also offer greater protection from scuffing your legs on obstacles and getting jabbed when running through heather!